One thousand four hundred is a large number on its own right.

As large as the figure may be, it is even bigger considering it is a reflection of the numberof miles that separates Truck Country employee James Stolash’s workplace from Truck Country of Appleton, his “home” dealershipin Wisconsin.

While many miles separate Stolash from the Truck Country family of dealerships, yet he remains on the front line in terms of providing

quality customer service for the company.

Stolash, who will mark his third anniversary with Truck Country in February, serves as an intermediary between Truck Country and business partner, a manufacturer of custom fire and rescue vehicles.


In his role, Stolash works at the Pierce manufacturing facility in Bradenton, Fla., where he directly receives new trucks from the Freightliner manufacturing facility in Mt. Holly, NC.

One of Stolash’s primary duties is to complete pre-delivery inspections on the future fire trucks. He also addresses issues that may develop after trucks are on Pierce’s assembly line.

If a problem arises, Stolash is charged with determining the source of the problem, as well as when it originally occurred. If a problem is a mechanical issue, he will correct the issue in his work bay at the Pierce facility.

“My day is always new every day,” Stolash explained.

While Stolash is the lone Truck Country employee based in Florida, he receives support from the service department in Appleton. He frequently communicates with the Wisconsin-based staff through e-mails and phone calls.

Mike Gleiter, the general manager at Truck Country – Appleton, said Stolash plays an important role for the company.

“James is the front line for us,” Gleiter said, noting Stolash is a middleman between Truck Country and Pierce officials.  “The important part is, without someone like that, how long is the relationship (between Truck Country and Pierce) going to last?”

Stolash, who joined Truck Country after working for a Florida-based International dealership for 20 years, appreciates the unique working environment, in which he finds himself.

“Truck Country is a great company to work for and the people of Pierce are very understanding,” he said.