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Truck Bucks

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Power Service Diesel Additives

Hurry! While Supplies Last!
Subject to available quantity • Pricing subject to change without notice

Diesel Supplement 32 oz. treats 100 gal. $4.69
Diesel Supplement 55 gal. drum $24.50/gal.
Diesel Supplement 80 oz. $8.79
Cetane Boost 32 oz. $5.19
Cetane Boost 55 gal. $28.95/gal.
Diesel 911 32 oz. $4.99
Diesel 911 80 oz. $9.99
Clear Diesel 32 oz. $5.99
Bio Kleen 16 oz. $19.60


Detroit Step Up Overhaul

Click title to see details. Restore Power, Efficiency and Reliability to your engine.

Pit Stop Heavy Duty Maintenance

Get turbo charged maintenance for your Class 8 vehicle at great prices!

Good at Truck Country Iowa and Wisconsin ONLY

Pit Stop Medium Duty Maintenance

Get turbo charged maintenance for your Class 6 or 7 vehicle at great prices!

Good at Truck Country Iowa and Wisconsin ONLY


DPF Replacement

Maintaining your Aftertreatment System is important. The Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) collects ash and eventually needs to be replaced. The DDEC system will alert the driver when DPF replacement is required, ranging from 150,000 to 550,000 miles of operation. We can install it for you! Ask us for prices.

EPA 07
DDE RA6804908692
$959.00 exchange
Fits S60, MBE4000, DD13, DD15, Less than 1850 lb./ft.
EPA 10
DDE RA0004903692
$849.00 exchange
Fits DD15, 1850 lb./ft. and above. 2 per engine required
EPA 10
DDE RA0004903792
$659.00 exchange
Fits DD13, DD15, 1850 lb./ft. and below. 2 per engine required

Prices subject to change without notice

rv service

Save on RV Service

Get expert service on your motor home at an economical price.

RV Maintenance Special $299.00


  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Coolant Pressure Test and Radiator Cap Test
  • Fuel Filter Change
  • Inspect Air Filter
  • Check and Top Off All Levels

Price does not include tax or miscellaneous supplies
Prices subject to change without notice

RV Generator Special $199.00

  • Oil and Filter Change
  • Inspect Belts and Hoses
  • Inspect Air Filter
  • Fuel Filter Change

Price does not include tax or miscellaneous supplies
Prices subject to change without notice
Good at Wisconsin and Iowa locations only.


Idle Free APU-Save Green, Drive Green

The battery-based Idle Free electric APU is the complete, year-round electric APU solution for sleeper trucks and day cabs pulling a dry van. Works with any make or model of truck.

A/C Heat Combo System
IDF-MT-H-ACH-01 Unit – $8295.00
Installed – $9295.00

A/C Only System
IDF-MT-H-AC-02 Unit – $7250.00
Installed – $8250.00

*Prices subject to change without notice


Get D.E.F. in the Size You Need

We have the size to fit your needs!
YNA-AIR-275G – 275 Gallon Tote $1.85 per gal.
YNA-AIR-330G – 330 Gallon Tote $1.85 per gal.

*Prices subject to change without notice

Parts Route Book

Featured items from our extensive parts inventory. Click here to see our featured parts inventory.

Truck Country and Stoops already offers some of the best deals in the industry on truck service and repair. Our regular customers know they can rely on us to not only have the part they need in stock, but to also provide quick and friendly service to get them back on the road as quickly as possible. With our regularly-updated page of specials, we help drivers save even more money.

In addition to our great specials on parts and repairs, Truck Country and Stoops also frequently uploads special deals to its website for local events. These VIP offers can help our loyal customers save money on some of the most exciting happenings in their areas.

Limited-Time Specials

In addition to our quarterly specials, Truck Country and Stoops also sets quarterly specials on the services drivers need. These quarterly specials can help businesses and drivers keep their trucks well maintained over time, since they also serve as service reminders for those items that need to be done on a regular basis. These quarterly specials can even include maintenance on motor homes.

Loyalty Program

Maintenance and repair costs can add up over time. For that reason, Truck Country and Stoops rewards our loyal customers with our Truck Bucks program. When you sign up for our Truck Bucks program, you’ll enjoy savings on eligible parts and services. Discounts change on a regular basis and are automatically loaded on the member’s card, so no action has to be taken to receive them.

To get the card, simply sign up at www.mytruckbucks.com and choose the card design you prefer. Within two weeks, you’ll have the card in your mailbox and you can start earning discounts. At any time, you can log into your account on the Truck Bucks website and find the list of discounts currently available. When you arrive at the dealership, simply present your card to receive your savings.

Part Savings Zone

On our specials page, customers can also find a list of featured items from our parts inventory. This Parts Route Book features everything a driver needs to keep his truck functioning at peak performance. We also feature ongoing discounted prices on specialized items on our specials page, such as savings on diesel exhaust fluid and Stemco B-Lock Brake Kits. We’ll also feature special financing options to help businesses and drivers get the fixes they need with affordable repayment plans.

In addition to our already low prices, Truck Country and Stoops’ specials page is a great way to help drivers and trucking companies save money. These regular savings offers can make a big difference in helping meet your budget each month, while also keeping your trucks in perfect working order. With 23 locations across the Midwest, Truck Country and Stoops will quickly become a preferred provider for all of your trucking needs.