New Stoughton Trailers For Sale

For businesses in need of dry-van trailers, Stoughton Trailers provide the best selection of some of the most durable trailers on the road today. Each trailer is subjected careful inspection, ensuring optimal condition when it leaves the Stoughton Trailers Stoughton WI headquarters.

With locations across Wisconsin and Iowa, Truck Country and Stoops is an ideal provider for the Stoughton Trailers Stoughton Wisconsin area. We have stock at our 20 locations across the Midwest, making it convenient for drivers to find the top-quality trailers they need.

Stoughton Z+ Composite Vans

Using a revolutionary process, Stoughton Trailers provides a line of composite vans made from poly-laminate panels. The panels are manufactured using inner and outer galvanized steel skin that is coated in an epoxy. This manufacturing process equips the walls of these composite vans to withstand even the most rigorous conditions over many miles.

Truck Country and Stoops not only sells Stoughton Trailers, but we also maintain and repair them. If for some reason one of the panels in a Z+ composite van needs to be replaced, Truck Country and Stoops can handle the replacement quickly, thanks to a great design. The damaged wall can be removed without touching the surrounding walls, which dramatically reduces the amount of time a truck must spend in the shop.

Stoughton Grain Trailers

Stoughton Trailers include open-topped grain trailers, built for hauling grain from one place to another. Transporting farming goods is essential to keeping farms profitable, as well as putting products in grocery stores where customers can find them. These grain trailers offer dependability that keeps truckers on the road without fail, helping them remain productive and profitable.

All of our Stoughton Trailers for sale can be serviced by our experienced professionals. We’ll make it a priority to have the part in stock you need to make repairs and get your trailer back on the road – where it can keep bringing in money.

With financing available and competitive pricing, customers in Iowa and Wisconsin, as well as surrounding areas, can find great deals at Truck Country and Stoops on Stoughton Trailers of all types.

You can see our selection of Stoughton Trailers by visiting any one of our 20 locations. Our pricing is competitive and we’re happy to explore the right financing option for you. Contact us today to learn more.