Used Trailers For Sale

You need a quality semi trailer to handle the demands of your business, but you’re operating within a tight budget. Used semi trailers can get you started.

Whether you’re adding a new trailer to your fleet or replacing the only one your company uses, Truck Country and Stoops can offer a large selection of used semi trailers from some of the top brands in the industry.

By choosing used semi trailers, your business can afford to choose from the top brands in the industry while staying within your price requirements. Because these trailers are built to last, you can get years of reliable work from each one at a fraction of the price you would pay for the new version of the same trailer.

Used Flatbed Trailers

Truck Country and Stoops has plenty of used flatbed trailers for sale, ideal for businesses like construction companies that need to haul large loads of product not vulnerable to precipitation. Businesses sometimes have special requirements when looking for flatbeds that can be met by finding a drop deck trailer, an extendable flatbed, or a step deck. The type of flatbed you choose often depends on the weight of the maximum load it will normally need to carry.

When searching for used tractor trailers for sale, you have to consider the length of each load. With flatbeds often being used to haul building construction materials, this is an essential part of choosing a flatbed. The trailer must be long enough to accommodate the longest materials.

For more information about used flabed trailers, our inventory, and our financing options, contact our team today.


Warranties and Financing

In addition to the manufacturer’s warranties that come with many used semi trailers for sale, you can also purchase physical damage protection. This protection safeguards each used tractor trailer in the event it becomes damaged. You can choose from a range of deductible levels to keep premiums low.

Truck Country and Stoops’ used semi trailer sales team can help you find used semi trailers that meet your budget. To even further lower cost, we offer financing on our used tractor trailers for sale. We have repayment terms from 24 to 72 months depending on your needs, along with fixed and floating rates or a combination of both.

When you need used semi trailers, Truck Country and Stoops has a selection that makes it easy to find the perfect make and model. With 20 locations throughout the Midwest and a commitment to top-quality customer service, Truck Country and Stoops can help your business find the perfect semi trailer to meet your needs.