Truck Country’s Iowa and Wisconsin staff members were honored in January at the CIC Elite Support Summit, which took places in Nashville, Tenn.

Stacey Takes, dealer family continuous improvement coordinator (CIC) for Truck Country of Iowa, earned a pair of awards.

Takes earned the CIC Event of the Year award for the Throughput Understanding event, which took place in Cedar Rapids. The award was presented based on Elite Support processes and the results that were achieved through using them.

Heather Groleau, left, and Stacey Takes

Takes also earned an Express Assessment award for the Truck Country-Davenport location. The award was presented based on the Davenport location’s understanding and implementation of the Express Assessment process, where within two-hours of service write-up, dealers promise to communicate single-service issue diagnosis, check part availability and provide cost and repair time estimates to customers

Meanwhile, Heather Groleau, dealer family CIC for Truck Country of Wisconsin, earned a “WOW” award.

The “WOW” award is presented to a CIC who is recognized for excellence in 5s implementation. The 5s Process includes: Sort, Set in order, Sh

ine, Standardize, and Sustain. This process is relevant in all aspects of the dealership that affects not only customers’ experience at the dealership, but also employees as well. Examples include tool room organization projects and/or customer lounge revamps.